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Qt Installer Framework - Problem deploying updates

  • Hi,
    i have a working installer framework repository.
    Now i have to provide an update.

    If i use repogen like in the documentation

    .\..\bin\repogen.exe --update-new-components -p packages_update repository

    All files which were not in the package_update directory get removed from the new repository.
    In my case i just want to replace 1 file in the installation so in my packages_update/data directory i just put the file which should be replaced by the update.
    After running the above repogen command all other files are deleted in the resulting repository. Why?
    I thought the parameter --update-new-components onlye replaces / updates what changed against the old package version?

    Maybe somebody can give me an explantation what i am doing wrong.
    I just want to replace a subset of files with the update.

    I have customer database file in application dir. So i can not replace the current installation with the file from the update. I just have to replace defined files.


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