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Can't configure project with Qt Creator using Cmake/MinGW

  • I'd like to do some open source development for the Musescore project, but am having difficulty getting Qt Creator to import their project.

    They have instructions posted here, but they are not working for me:


    First I run Qt via a bat script that initializes a few variables:

    (The forum won't let me upload the bat file here, but it is attached to the issue in this thread: https://musescore.org/en/node/273377)

    I then open the project by selecting their CMakeLists.txt file. I then try to configure the project by setting the directories they describe in the Configure Project menu. Finally, I click on the Configure Project button at the bottom. Instead of configuring the project, this just opens a text editor with the CMakeLists.txt file in it.


    I've posted on their forum, but not gotten any help aside from going through CMakeList.txt and making sure all the path names are valid for my install. This has not resolved the issue for me:


    Would anyone know how I might get this build to work? I'm running Windows 10 and have up to date installs of MinGW, Qt Creator and cmake.

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