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Intercept event click or signal not present help me

  • Good morning I'm trying to understand how this project works:


    In Maiinwindow.ui there is a "Connect" button but I can not understand in its mainwindow.cpp where its click event is intercepted or its signal. Any expert can take a look? it's 4 days that I study day and night but nothing to do.

  • @Nio74
    Are you talking about theconnectBtnclick signal ?

    The connection of connectBtn signal has made in Ui Designer File and called frommainwindow.cppwhenui->setupUi(this)is called <- Read more

    You need to understand that a design ui file is converted from xml syntax to C++ syntax when you application is built.

    You can see the preview of c++ convertion code on designer tool: <QT Folder><Qt Version><Compiler Version>\bin\designer

      1. open the ui file with designer tool
      1. at top menu, click on Form Button and after on View Code Button


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    Adding to @KillerSmath nice explanation,
    in the setupUI(this)
    the call QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName(MainWindow);
    makes auto connections.
    It expects the slot to be name in with the syntax

    However, in this case its not bound by auto but as KillerSmath says in Designer
    You can view them directly with the Signals and Slots editor (tab) ( In Creators Designer)

    alt text

  • Thanks you were quick and very good to answer me thank you very kind...

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