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Can I save a project with a standard set of files open?

  • In my project, among many other things, I have three files that both need constant attention, and which guide me in my development on both a daily and a long-term basis; There's a readme.txt, a changes list, both of which are aimed at my users, and a roadmap, which contains both my plans and my issues that need to be dealt with - that's an internal document.

    Almost every time I open the project for a session, I have to navigate the file tree and open these. It's just a minute of time, but really, it's wasted time - this is how I'd really like the project to open, every day, with very few exceptions. I rarely want to open every file that was open at the close of the last development session (though I use that as well from time to time - when you need it, it's great to have.)

    Now, I can cause this to happen by closing all the open files except those three at the end of every dev session, but that's pretty much the reverse of opening up the ones I want, and takes even longer. But it does leave the IDE in a state where I can open "the last session" and be presented with a clean slate.

    So my question is: Is there a way I can set up this state, and then save it, and have Qt present it to me as an "open project" option?

    If so, please, tell me how to go about it.

    If not, then I suggest that it be made an option.

    TIA for any eyes on this.


  • I found it, of course, after writing all that. :)

    In the File menu, there's an entry for Session Manager.

    Set up the files the way you want them, select that menu entry, clone the existing session, rename it as you like, and then when you start, it'll be right there just as you left it when you saved the session.

    Perfect, just what I wanted.


  • Aw, darn it. no.

    After you open files in this saved session, it MODIFIES it and leaves it in the last state.



  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    hi @fyngyrz,

    I agree that locking a session sometimes may be useful. I have already ended up with empty sessions when I accidentally close a project.

    so please file a suggestion at bugreports.qt.io (and provide a link here)


  • @aha_1980 I was thinking about trying to find where Qt stores these, saving one the way I want it, and then setting the file to read-only and seeing what Qt thought of that.

    Any ideas on where to look?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @fyngyrz,

    I cannot tell you now where it is exactly, but you should look in ~/.config/QtProject resp. C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\QtProject

  • @aha_1980 Doesn't look like it's a file... probably buried in some config somewhere, sigh.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @fyngyrz,

    no it's a directory. I now found out, that a *.qws file is created for each session, e.g. ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/test.qws. Don't know if Creator will complain if you make this file read-only.

    Another idea: Have you thought of using bookmarks?


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