QGLWidget different behavior on windows and linux

  • Hello,

    First of all I'm using qt 4.7.2 on my Linux kubuntu, and qt 4.7.4 on my Windows vista.
    I'm using a custom context class inheriting from QGLContext.

    The problem:
    When I use the QGLWidget constructor taking a QGLContext under Windows all works fine.
    But under Linux the GLWidget does not seems to take the good format from my context (it has a different visual configuration ), so I have to set the format and the context manually in my custom QGLWidget constructor.

    @ QGLContextAdapter * create_context()
    return new QGLContextAdapter(
    vglc::GLContext::Config::MinVersion(4, 1),
    #ifdef NDEBUG

    GLWidget::GLWidget( QWidget * parent )
    : QGLWidget(
    #if defined( VIRTREV_WIN32 ) // under windows it's not possible to set context later
    ui(new Ui::GLWidget),

    #if defined( VIRTREV_LINUX ) // under linux if we pass the context to QGLWidget constructor, QGLWidget will not use the good format
    QGLContextAdapter * context = create_context();
    setFormat( context->format() );
    context->setDevice( this );
    setContext( context );

    Is this a bug which has been solved in 4.7.4 or is this not a bug ?

  • Reading qt source code (qgl_x11.cpp) I guess I understand why there is the problem.

    The visual used to create the window is only set in qglcontext::choosecontext and since this a private data of qglcontext (d->vi), my custom QGLContext (which redefined choosecontext) as no way to setup the visual. So it use a 0 visual which is CopyFromParent.

    The setformat; is a bit of a trick because it let a temporary QGLContext set the visual.

    I guess one solution would be to call choosevisual in qglcontext::create to initialize the visual instead of doing it in choosecontext.

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