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    how should i see declarations? F2/F4 does not always work?

  • What do you mean, what do you want to do exactly, and in which situation does it not work ?

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    Context please? Where are you pressing F2/F4 and what do you want to happen?

  • for ex. in Eclipse I simply left mouse click on the function, variable etc. which takes me to the relevant header etc.
    in Qtcreator swithchin to declaration only moves to the beginning of the current function. Even marking the variable etc. and pressing f2 or f4 doesn't do the job.
    Only sometimes hovering over shows the class etc. and f2 works. So why not always. Same project in Eclipse i easily move to that class / header but no chance in qtcreator.

  • Qt Creator parses (for performance reasons) only files which are either in your project or included in one of your source files. If you do not reference a file anywhere in your project the information won't be accessible using F2/F4.

  • #include header is not enough?
    So how could I make qtcreator parse files outside the project?

  • #include should be enough.
    I am not aware of any method that allows parsing files outside the project.

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