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How i duplitcate to items in group ?

  • I marked field, what type have the widget ? Its looking seems into a group but i dont know how did it.
    And when if it's have a few video, opening a scroll. I didn't see before at any tutorial this. How i should duplicate into file like these if i call data.

    alt text

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    Which items and where ?
    Do you mean in Designer ?
    You can ctrl+drag to make copy of widget with new name

  • Hi, this field is not static. Yellow field's infos coming from another place and it hasnt should be. It's maybe empty. Can i create in cpp file or which on ui ! So how i should it ?
    I mean say video name, duration, progress,image, pause and delete buttons all are items of group. I dont know which this widget from Qt.
    I want to take into the loop all these. If isnt it and not have any result its can give info.

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    Ah, you mean how to create such widget ?
    Or do you mean you are looking in that apps source code and
    cannot find where it makes list ?

    The best way is a list and a delegate
    something like

  • Your sended example is logic similar to table and list view.
    But like in the picture it doesn't list or table view.
    Every items created manuel and its duplicatable. I didnt see before to source code it but i guess they was create on ui as single and they are can take into the loop. And if when add new item just changing to info, not structure.

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    Other way would be to use a QScrollArea and widgets directly on it.
    That would be be possible to do in Designer/Ui

  • Hmm, maybe i can explain little more my problem

    How do I position it. I using this program and i want to make this feature for my own program. I can use QScrollArea but for into how can i add many yellow field as with dynamic. I didnt find how i can take it into loop.
    İ can create new class which add items (image,name..) to into of group.
    I can call from main page in loop. Is it usible ?
    Other way when i cannot using any widget, i should define into a function all widgets. I dont touch to gui. If have new content all times append it into QScrollArea.
    But i dont sure becouse if when i define from cpp file. I need add position data. It can go into each other

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    the best way would still be ListView + delegate as using real widgets will become very heavy if you have many "yellow" items.

    Anyway, if going with UI files.
    Then you would make a class with UI to be yellow one.
    And you will then new and insert the new class into the ScrollArea.
    In ScrollArea you have put layout, so they will never overlap and be positioned correctly under each other.

    But its very unclear to me if you are trying to create such Yellow Item for use in
    your own class or if you are trying to reuse the one from the pic.

  • Thank you very much i get it.

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