And now Meego out ?

  • Wow! This is a Déjà vu !

  • Its just a rumor,AFAIK..

  • One of the key things to note about MeeGo is that because of the "upstream first" approach to development I think it would be a lot more resilient to this kind of thing compared to some other projects.

    Unlike android, there aren't massive differences between the mainline Linux kernel and the MeeGo kernel that need people to maintain. Similarly (most of) the rest of the MeeGo infrastructure is reasonably close to the upstream projects too.

    This means that even if Intel decided to walk away from it there wouldn't be a huge amount of work that would be left to bitrot because it's largely been pushed back upstream and can be maintained there.

    As far as the rumour itself... these same people were also reporting that Samsung was looking at buying/licencing WebOS right up until Samsung said that was never going to happen...

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