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New 4.7.4 Update Includes MySQL Plugin?

  • Hi All,

    Anyone else notice that the new 4.7.4 build of QtCreator now includes the qmysql3 and qmysql4 plugins?

    Is this to keep annoying posts about the databases out of the forums? :)

    My two cents: include Postgres next time too!

  • Where are those plugins exactly? I cannot find then in my installation.

    (Moreover, there are a bunch of license issues, so I cannot see how Qt could distribute them)

  • I tried compiling a project I was working on that's been running on a Postgres server. When I downloaded the new update and installed it, I switched Qt to Qt in path and it gave me SQLite, MySql3 and Mysql but not PSQL drivers.

  • That's definitely news for me :) can you just tell me where the mysql plugin are inside your QtSDK directory?

  • My path includes a mysql driver. Peppe wins :(

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