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Unexpected debug behavior in Qt Creator

  • I have two QML projects that behave differently in Qt Creator debug mode (the first is simple, second a bit more complex). The first behaves like I expect - execution stops at break points in .qml files so I can inspect variable values. The second does NOT stop at .qml breakpoints. It does, however, stop at breakpoints in associated .cpp files.

    The details of the compilation process for these projects appear completely comparable, and I don't see anything obvious in the .pro files that would explain the difference.

    What sorts of issues might lead to this, or where might I find the root cause for this behavior?


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    Do you open two Qt creator at same time ?

  • No, I just run one Qt Creator at a time - several projects open, but also only one project active at a time.

    This started with a project I was developing using Qt 5.10.1. For various reasons, I chose to update to Qt 5.11.0. After, the update, I was no longer able to debug the project in Creator. This project was initially derived from the Qt Location example "mapviewer", but has undergone a substantial rework.

    So I just opened another example program. Initially just a simple one, but ultimately opened the 5.11 version of the same "mapviewer" example project.

    I can debug the 5.11 mapviewer example, but not my own project.

    So I suspect there is something amiss with my project configuration, but not a clue what.

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