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Qt Desinger vs code based gui

  • i am building a heavy app(not graphical intensive).
    i wanted to know which is better Qt Desinger or code based gui in this category ??

    1. ram usage.
    2. in gpu usages
    3. cpu usages.

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    There is no big difference except one additional class in case of designer. If you are beginner life may be easy to create the UI using designer.

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    Performance wise there is no difference to speak of.
    What ever you draw in UI files is translated to c++ code and run
    inside the setupUI(). Its not read in at runtime or anything like that.
    The pointers to the generated widgets are stored in the UI struct and
    with direct code they would just be directly in the .h instead.

    When code is running, the price for UI->widget->func extra indirection is highly negligible.

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