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Qt installer setup crash while gaining admin rights

  • Qt installer setup crash while gaining admin rightsbolded text

    I am working with windows 7 OS and I have done a setup.exe installer with QTInstaller framework. My setup has an inconsistent behavour during the "gain admin rights" process. The problem appears when the window "User Account Control" (image 1) appears and I click the "No" button. After clicking the "No" button, the window "Cannot get authorization" (image 2) appears. If choose "Abort" button, the windows helIoexe (image 3) and hello1exe (image 4) will appear. Is there a way to handle the "abort process" in a better way to avoid the message telling that our setup sopped working?

    Image 1:
    0_1527761323429_User Account Control.jpg

    Image 2:
    3_1527757715796_User Account Control.jpg 2_1527757715796_Helloexe1.JPG 1_1527757715796_Helloexe.JPG 0_1527757715795_Cannot get authorization.JPG

    Image 3:

    Image 4:

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