Class not found on x86 Android Emulator.

  • I build my C++ QT Quick (QML) app for x86 platform with QT 5.10.1 and the following settings in QT Creator 4.6.1:

    Build Android APK -> Android Build SDK: android-19
    Build Environment: ANDROID_NDK_PLATFORM: android-19

    When I start the app on x86 emalator with Android 4.4 (installed with Android Studio) I get the following exception:


    but it works on x86 Emulator with 21 API level (Android 5.0), and if I start an app build in Android Studio with API level 19 it works fine on x86 Emulator, also ARM app built in QT Creator works fine in ARM Emulator with 19 API level.

    How to check what is actually happening with my x86 APK?

    It is interesting that both QT Creator and Android Studio includes class classes.dex (I can find it when I open classes.dex in an editor) in spite of the fact that class is available since API level 21.

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