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Qtextdit format A4

  • Hello
    As part of a project to create data sheets I have to perform a semblance of word processing. The sought features are quite simple:

    manage the formatting of the text;
    manage printing;
    manage page breaks with header and footer when printing;
    save the work done.

    I want to show in my program the page breaks when they take place. And there I block a little ...
    I heard about Qtextdocument but I do not know how I can use it.

    I come to you to know if among you someone already has work on a similar project and if so could he give me some tips to advance properly?

    My main concerns being how to handle the necessary page deletions related, for example, to deletions of lines in the first page, how to pass the writing in page 1 automatically in page 2 without the user intervenes. HOw ot set the size of QtextEdit to make it a little A4 format like on Word.
    Thak you

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