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Resizing Layout equal to MainWindow

  • When I run my program it will display all content properly, and when I resizing the main window, the layout along with all associated widgets remain fixed, rather than resizing with the main window. I used to increase my all widget and listWidget respect to window computer resolution size but still this one work properly.
    I used this one code finding the system height and width.
    QWidget widget;
    widget.resize(widget.width(), widget.minimumHeight());
    QRect rec = QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry();
    int h = rec.height();
    int w = rec.width();
    // Increasing the listwidget size
    //increasing the button size

    Please resolve to solve my problem. Thanks very much in advance.

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    Looks like you are using the designer to write the UI. I suspect that you have not added the layout properly. Can you confirm whether base class is QMainWindow or Widget ? Are you applying the layout properly in Designer to top widget ?

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