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Configure Qt 5.10.1 or 5.7.0 and MSVC 2015 to compile for SSE architecture

  • I want to compile a version of my app that would support Windows 7+ PCs running the older CPU SSE architecture (non-SSE2 or later). How can I configure either QT or the MSVC 2015 compiler to compilie for that CPU architecture? I have Visual Studio 2013, 2015, and 2017 installed on my development PC. Thanks for any replies..

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    You must modify the mkspec for msvc 2015 to add the proper arch option:

  • The mkspec says win32-msvc. Is this the correct one? I am building a 32 bit app with 32 bit Qt. Is the following line correct for the qmake.conf there? It compiles and runs with that line, but I don't know that if it's incorrect it just ignores it. I can't test it because I don't have that older architecture on my development PC. It's a build for one of the users of my application.


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