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Qt Scxml calculator-widgets example question

  • Hi All

    I have a question about the Qt Scxml calculator-widgets example. When I edit the 'main' function like this:

    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    QApplication app(argc, argv);

    CalculatorStateMachine machine;
    MainWindow mainWindow(&machine);
    machine.connectToState("begin", [](bool active) {
        cout << (active ? "entered" : "exited") << "begin state";
    machine.connectToState("operand1", [](bool active) {
        cout << (active ? "entered" : "exited") << "operand1 state";
    machine.connectToState("int1", [](bool active) {
        cout << (active ? "entered" : "exited") << "int1 state";
    machine.connectToState("negated1", [](bool active) {
        cout << (active ? "entered" : "exited") << "negated1 state";
    return app.exec();


    ... and run from the command line, none of the couts appear on the terminal until I close the calculator terminal, then they all get dumped at once. Why is this? Are the couts actually getting executed when the events occur, but are buffered somehow? I expected the couts to be printed as the events occurred.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    The cout is buffered, so you have to emit endlines to get it to flush or call flush.
    cout << (active ? "entered" : "exited") << "operand1 state" << std::endl;

  • Thank you very much. I hope I can return the favor one day.

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