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Odd dialog when open/closing Creator 4.6.1

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    After upgrading / installing Creator 4.6.1

    i get
    alt text
    on open it. ( no project being loaded)
    and on closing
    alt text

    Things i have tried so far

    • delete files manually -> Open close it twice and msg is back
    • delete whole QtProject folder -> Open close it twice and msg is back
    • remove all of Qt and QtProject folder and install Qt -> msg is back first time run
    • check security settings on folder. machtes all other folder in AppData

    So im kinda out of ideas what to try and hence im asking here if anyone seen those messages before ?

    note: Creator run in same credentials as me. its not in admin or other account.

  • @mrjj

    Unfortunately, not a really helpful feedback.

    I have Qt creator 4.6.1 installed as well after upgrading. On win 10 64 bit I do not see the problem. I have closed reopened Qt creator twice to check. There might be difference in my trials. Last session will be reopened automatically.

    The only additional thing can imagine is an interference with the Anti-Virus app.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It actually was helpful.
    Even that i excluded folder & Qt in Avast, it might ignore it (now) for some reason.
    Going to try to wipe it and see. ( crossing fingers)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    It was actually Avast totally ignoring exception list it seems - since with it
    completely uninstalled, i cant seem to get the error/msg again.

    That is pretty surprising as i also test with it set to disabled...

    Since i like spanking it seems, i will try to install Avast again and see if it comes back :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @mrjj,

    we have some more users complaining about this at QTCREATORBUG-7668. Can you add some comment there about your experience? Thanks.

  • @mrjj

    Glad it did help. ----> Nasty AV checker again. :D

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    ahh, my fu failed searching.
    Yes, i will update with my experience. Also so far it seemed fixed.

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