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Is time zone ID for Buenos Aires wrong?

  • I ran into an incompatibility issue that required me to back out a recent fix in a product. We have an Android-based embedded device managed through a Windows Qt 5.9.1 application. The embedded device uses none of Qt.

    The device uses "America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires" as the ID for the Buenos Aires time zone. This is consistent with what I see in the IANA TZ data file (at

    Qt, on the other hand, uses "America/Buenos_Aires" as the ID, which is nonconforming. What's puzzling is that QTimeZone documentation says it uses the IANA TZ database, so I don't understand why there's a difference. I also don't yet know if any other TZs have similar problems.

    Does this constitute a bug in Qt?

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    It could be.
    I would search
    for info.

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