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Can't able to build Qt framework for fedberry Os ?

  • Qt sources are seems to be written only for rasbian like distributions. i tried to build Qt for fedberry27 distro and the configuration script is not identifying image as raspberry Pi. As a result it cannot build egls_bcrm egl device integration plugin.

    What i should do to build Qt for fedberry ?

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    Not at all, they are working on many different devices like tinkerboard, imx6-7, beaglboard, etc.

    You should check what fedora provides to support that device that can be used to build Qt and create a mkspec accordingly.

  • All the BCM2835 frimware is available in fedberry except bcm_host.h is not available .

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    Then you can try to copy it from raspbian but you should contact the folks behind fedberry27 about that matter.

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