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i need help with a basic application in QT please !

  • so i have a project written in C++ and i want to create a menu for it with Qt, i'm new to Qt and i don't know how to do it so if there's anyone who wants to help me with this project it will be helpful by skype or messenger or whatever thanks in advance !

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    What do you mean by "menu"? What exactly are you trying to do? It may be something quick I can guide you on via the forums here. I don't have time to involve myself in a new project right now though.

  • it's a menu for a program which is dedicated to manage cars (it tells you if there's a car available, how many miles, the model of the car etc...) here's a picture of the code in C++ C++ Code so what i'm supposed to create a menu to add a car, visualize the ones that are available and to see their informations and so... thanks

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    @Searchformeaning42 So basically you want to develop a full GUI for your program. That's a bit more than just a menu.

    You'll need to learn some Qt to do that. There are plenty of tutorials and books that can get you started. Here's a link to Qt's own examples and tutorials:

    Also you should be able to just launch the designer application and design how you want your gui to look. Then code up the back end for it. From your description it shouldn't be too hard, but it may take a bit since you're new to Qt.

    Feel free to ask back here on the forums if you have specific questions. Good luck, and welcome to Qt, it's lots of fun! :)

  • Is there a fixed amount of cars at start of your application or shall they be editable during runtime?

    With Qt you can use a widget based gui or a qml one - your choice. As ambershark mentioned the documentation of Qt is a good point to start with.

    Qt Creator is a really good tool to work with Qt.

    For starters it might be easier to use the designer and compose a gui visually.

    First of all you should think about how you want to display your information to the user of your application. Maybe a simple list or a table of available cars.

    Second thought should be - do the data needs to be edited by the user?

    I started working with Qt years ago with version 2.3 and at that time i had to use MSVC or KDevelop to create applications. QT Creator is really a big step forward and i prefer using it while coding Qt based applications.

    And yes - Qt is lots of fun!

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