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Installer Framework: Inject custom page before introduction page

  • Hi,
    We are currently evaluating the qt installer framework. So far it is very easy to use and I think they did a great job.
    To meet a critical requirement, it is necessary to register our own pages before the introduction page of the installer shows up. With this, we'd like to implement the same concept as qt does with its "Qt Account" page. The login information are then passed to the server.
    The repository server dynamically generates the Updates.xml with "RepositoryUpdate" to the customers current repository. Hope the idea is clear...

    The main question is, how can we achieve these "before introduction" pages? Is it necessary to rebuild the installerbase.exe with our own code? Is there another way to go?

  • @kevin-b At the first glance I could say it is possible to do that, there are some examples to get some inspirations.

  • Hi jiancaiyang,
    Thanks for your answer. Do you mean qt examples? I studied all of them. But this issue is not covered.
    The core problem is: We need to register some logic before requesting the first respository. There is indeed some examples explaining how to register pages. But they all register pages within a package. Unfortunately, this is not what we need.

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