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Variable inaccessible in Debugger

  • Hello all,

    I am attempting to access the this variable in the debugger and I am getting an error saying that it is not accessible. I have verified that the "Load .gdbinit file on startup" option is unchecked and "Load system GDB pretty printers" is unchecked.

    Are there any other additioanal fixes that I can do?

    I am running QT Creator 4.6.1 on ubuntu 16.04

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    hi @philm001, welcome!

    does the debugger log (menu Windows > Views) provide some more insight?

    do you try to debug a release build?

  • @aha_1980 Thank you for your reply. I did try the debug release build and it did not hit any breakpoints.

    I am very new the qt and I am not sure what the debugger log is telling me. If the answer lies in there, then I will post the log here:

    <47python theDumper.fetchVariables({"autoderef":1,"context":"","displaystringlimit":"100","dyntype":1,"expanded":["watch","return","local.this","local","inspect"],"fancy":1,"formats":{},"nativemixed":0,"partialvar":"local.this","passexceptions":0,"qobjectnames":1,"resultvarname":"","stringcutoff":"10000","token":47,"typeformats":{},"watchers":[]})
    >&"python theDumper.fetchVariables({\"autoderef\":1,\"context\":\"\",\"displaystringlimit\":\"100\",\"dyntype\":1,\"expanded\":[\"watch\",\"return\",\"local.this\",\"local\",\"inspect\"],\"fancy\":1,\"formats\":{},\"nativemixed\":0,\"partialvar\":\"local.this\",\"passexceptions\":0,\"qobjectnames\":1,\"resultvarname\":\"\",\"stringcutoff\":\"10000\",\"token\":47,\"typeformats\":{},\"watchers\":[]})\n"
     <Rebuild Watchmodel 2 @ 09:30:56.665 [7582ms] >
    sFinished retrieving data

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    Hi @philm001,

    could you post the complete debugger log? From the snippet I don't see any obvious.

    I can't remember having done a special debugger setup on Ubuntu so far, it usually worked out of the box. (Of course I had to install gdb).

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