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QTabBar and dynamic setTabButton

  • Hi all,

    I have a problem with the following function: QTabBar::setTabButton

    The function itself can receive a QWidget.

    I've used my own derived QWidget, which contains two QPushButtons which have a fixed width.

    Theses two buttons are changing their visibility during runtime.

    My problem is, that the tab width doesn't adjust its size dynamically to the new width of the widget.
    I tried to overwrite the sizeHint of the derived widget, which didn't had any effect. At least I used setFixedWidth for the widget. Furthermore I used QTabBar::repaint

    The tab itself doesn't shrink or grow based on the new width of the widget - ONLY the text of the tab is moved based on the widget size.

    If I resize the entire window for 1 pixel all tabs are receiving their correct size based on their widgets.

    Does anyone have a clue how to force the QTabBar to paint the tabs like the entire window was resized?

    Best regards,

  • Hi all,

    after a bit trial and error I discovered three dirty work-a-rounds.

    I think the not executed "d->layoutTabs();" is responsible for this behaviour:

    void QTabBar::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *)
        if (d->layoutDirty)

    The first work-a-round is to resize the tabBar two times:

        this->tabBar()->resize(this->tabBar()->size() + QSize(1, 1));
        this->tabBar()->resize(this->tabBar()->size() - QSize(1, 1));

    Another way would be to set the same icon size again to set the layoutDirty=true:

    this->tabBar()->setIconSize( this->tabBar()->iconSize() );

    The problem with this is, that the tabBar jumps to the beginning of the available tabs and doesn't stay at the selected tab.

    The third and maybe best work-a-round is the following:

        if( this->count() > 0 )
            this->tabBar()->setTabText( 0, this->tabBar()->tabText( 0 ) );

    Any other ideas are appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    QEvent e(QEvent::FontChange);
    QCoreApplication::sendEvent( tabBar, &e );

  • @raven-worx
    Thanks for your work-a-round. It's quite simple and smooth.

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