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QtCreator 4.6.0 doesn't find includes, but compiler does

  • After upgrading to QtCreator 4.6.0 the editor complains about the missing of standard headers. I mean it cannot find any of the Q* files. It's very annoying during the development because of course neither intellisense nor syntax highlight will work. But the compiler builds successfully any application, hence the files are there - as expected.

    Is a known "feature"? :) Or might I do something to fix it?

  • Well, they corrected the "feature" in 4.6.1...

  • @Mark81 Any idea when that release will be available? I have 4.6.0-rc1 (4.5.83) and I have the same issue. You can see that in the Editor for the main.qml file in the qmlsurface example.
    ![alt text](0_1526764664305_qml_surface.png qmlsurface)

  • It is already available. I just ran an update in the Maintenance Tool.

  • I needed to uninstall the entire Qt system and reinstall it. I then selected only the mingw compiler option and nothing else in terms of extra libraries. I'm running on Windows 10 - now it works.

    Thanks for the reply.

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