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The last Update broke Qt Creator

  • Hello,

    I've been using Qt creator for the last month and this morning a update pop-up. I did the update but some of the files didn't got decompressed. So i run the installator until the end and restart my Qt but i can't anymore. The shortcut disappear and i can't find the .exe anywhere.

    I'm on Windows 8 64bits.


  • @Alois

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Do you have installed Qt creator and Qt libs using the online installer?

    Ultimately the easist is to use the MaintenanceTool.exe, remove all and do a new fresh install.
    You may want to try repair and update with the MaintenanceTool first.

  • I tried the maintenance tool but it didn't work, i think i have to reinstall Qt Creator.
    I didn't know about the tool, i learn something at least, thanks for your Help.


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