[Moved]Browser : authentification failure when redirect to absolute url

  • Hello all,

    I developed a browser in pyQt.
    For restricted area on a website, I have a problem.

    I have a website with htaccess with 2 pages :

    When I load page1.html, my script loads the page correctly : the script sets automatically my login/password automatically with success.
    But, when there is a javascript redirection to go to http://www.toto.fr/page2.html,
    @window . location='http://www.toto.fr/page2.html'@
    I have an error: "Authorization Required".

    On the other side, if the redirection is :
    @window . location='./page1.html'@
    The page is loaded with success.

    This is a part of my python code:



    For information, I had tested with basic browsers and the redirection is done without input a second time my login/password.
    That's why, I think it is possible to do this automatically.

    Thanks for your help.

    PS : Sorry for my poor english.

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