Can I Customize QTreeView this way?

  • I've built a model for QTreeView, now it's time to customize QTreeView, to display items in a "fancy" way.
    For example, I'd like each tree item looks like this:


    Basically, I want a icon on the left, some texts of different font sizes, a progress bar...
    When double clicked the parent item(i.e. expanding treeview), child items will be displayed in similar way.

    I don't know how to render items in the way I wanted, what's worse, I'm not sure where to get started.
    I've tried a very simple QItemDelegate from the Qt SDK examples, but it is not enough.

    Any suggestion, reference link will be appreciated, thanks.

  • Yes, a delegate is definitely what you want. Subclass QStyledItemDelegate and do your custom painting there.

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