QSortFilterProxyModel - refresh TreeNode on delete/add

  • Hi ,
    I have developed a model based on QSortFilterProxyModel and so far it works well. I have an option called 'Refresh Folder' in Contextmenu of the QTreeView.

    Refresh Folder- needs to updates the parent TreeNode with newly added child Nodes (reading from the disk at particular location).

     When i filter nodes based on some regular expression it displays desired Nodes. In the mean while i want to refresh/Reload/update the folder node if there are any new files exists at parent directory then i have to update the Parent TreeNode and filter it again as user typed filtered text.

    But in my case , When the user tries to refresh a Parent TreeNode when it is in filtered mode TreeView displays duplicate Nodes.How to solve this?/////

    Note: QTreView allows Updates/Refresh/Reload a perticular Folder Node properly when there is no filtered text

    How to update/Refresh a Folder TreeNode when Filter is on?

  • I am currently not sure, where the bug could be located.
    Can you show us some of your code, especially the model and the QSPPM you have?

  • Hi Girolf,
    In my 'RefreshFolder' method inside treeview class which inherits QTreeView and here is the code.
    please let me know if you need more info.

    @def RefreshFodler(self):
    data=self.getData(index) # returns custom data with
    """ here i am reading files from disk and updating the item"""
    self.setupModelData(files,item)#---adds file to parent-item
    if item.hasChildren():

    def getData(self,index):
    return item.data(0,QtCore.Qt.UserRole)


  • Hi Gerolf,
    I think i found the problem let me solve and let you know.

    problem was with ---model.removeRows(0,item.rowCount(),index)
    solution -- item.removeRows(0,item.rowCount())

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