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Controlling Tooltip in a QCombobox using QT Designer

  • Hi,

    I have created a QComboBox in QT Desinger.
    Now,I just want to display a tooltip,when we point the cursor on the triangular button in the combo box i.e. at the corner most of the combo box.If I point my cursor on any other location in the combo box, I dont want to display the tooltip.

    Can we do this? Like,do we have control over certain portion in the combobox (or) we can set tooltip only for the entire combobox?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • @Math-Enthusiast said in Controlling Tooltip in a QCombobox using QT Designer:

    Can we do this?

    Yes, just subclass QComboBox reimplement event and if the type() is QEvent::ToolTip and the mouse is not on the arrow ignore the event, otherwise call the base class

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