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problem with deployement of qtcanvas3d

  • Hi,
    I am making a deployement for windows of 64 bit application that uses canvas3d in a seperate plugin. I use visual 2015 64 bits qt 5.7. The program loads lots of plugins and one of them uses (on demand) canvas3d to draw maps. I made the deployment using using windeployqt using

    windeployqt --qmldir <some path> <some path> -3dcore -3drenderer -3dquick -sql

    All the necessary stuff is copied and deployed and the application starts. But when I try to display a map it refuses with the message: module "QtCanvas3D" is not installed. Which flag am I missing? I see a Qt53DCore.dll in my app directory assuming(??) that qtcanvas3d comes from there. In Debug mode everything (of course) runs fine.

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