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QtCreator 4.6.0 not handling multiple resolutions well?

  • Before I begin, I'll state that my display configuration consist of two 4K monitors, and two 1080p monitors. I have two NVIDIA GTX 1080 cards not running in SLI, wherein each card has 1 4K monitor over DisplayPort and 1 1080p monitor over HDMI connected to it. The 4K displays are set to have a display scaling of 150% within Windows. Physically, the monitors are laid out as the two1080p monitors followed by the two 4K monitors (from left to right), where the first 4K monitor is the primary monitor.

    Within Qt Creator 4.6.0, on the 4K monitor, the menu bar items at the top of the screen is very small. Upon moving away from that menu list to another and returning to it, it's the correct size. The same applies for the right click menu, however no series of actions will get it to become sized properly. Additionally, clicking on one of the menu bar items that is tiny causes you to not be able to hover over other menu bar items until you deselect the one that's currently selected. Oddly enough though, this only happens on the secondary 4K monitor - text and menu bars appear perfectly on the primary 4K monitor. On the 1080p monitor, most text within Qt Creator is tiny, but the menu bars seem to be the correct size (at least, they aren't resizing themselves like with 4K, but their text is tiny). I've captured some video to showcase what I'm talking about:

    Qt Creator on the secondary 4K monitor

    Qt Creator on a1080p monitor

    (I'm not sure if the cursor's odd offset position in the recording has anything to do with it as well. It doesn't look that way outside of the recording, and the issues within Qt Creator are still apparent while not recording.)

    After a bit of debugging, the core problem comes down to which monitor is the primary monitor. Put simply, if the primary monitor is one of the 4K monitors, then that monitor will display everything perfectly whereas the other 4K monitor and the two 1080p monitors will not. If the primary monitor is one of the 1080p monitors, then both 1080p monitors will display everything correctly, but the 4K monitors will have text that is way too large in some areas and menu bars that are tiny.

  • @Kevin_P

    It looks like a bug to me or possibly hard to handle your different sizes of monitors anyhow.

    You may want to check on the bug tracker JIRA , possibly there is already a similar report. Otherwise you can also file a bug report yourself. Please post the report link over here to giveothers a chance to vote for it.

    The forum is not monitored for eventual bug reports. Therefore it gets lost.

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