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Compiling QMultiMedia with WMF

  • Hello,

    I am currently writing an mp3 player in which I use the QMultiMedia. The precompiled MinGW version comes with DirectShow as backend and I would like to recompile QMultiMedia using the Windows Media Foundation because DirectShow is causing some problem (not playing mp3 files with big covers).

    When I try to build the WMF backend from the directory 'qtmultimedia\src\plugins\wmf' I get the following error:
    'Library 'wmf' is not defined.'

    Is there a way to use the WMF backend with MinGW?

  • @jsmolka

    You can not build the WMF backend because MinGW does not have the WMF backend header. Currently only MSVC versions are available.

  • Thank you, seems like I need to switch compiler.

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