QWidgets and css file

  • Hi. I'm using a css file, instead to use setStyleSheet function of each components.
    The css file permits to set the styleSheet globally.
    Is there a way to insert in the css file a style for a particular object for example for a MyButton01 object in the main form?

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    Yes, you can just use selectors
    if the button is names MyButton01
    you can do
    QPushButton#MyButton01 {
    to apply to buttons named MyButton01

    Please see
    and Selector Types.

    I also use 1 single stylesheet ( as i qres file)
    i set on QApplication and then use
    names / types to target the ones i want without setting it directly on the widgets.
    This is FAR easier to control over time as stylesheets
    on each widgets becomes a mess very fast :)

    If you only want to apply to pushbuttons in the mainform, you can use
    QMainwindow > QPushButton meaning the pushbutton must be a child ( ownerwise)
    of a MainWindow type.

  • Perfect!

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