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Rollback QtCreator to previous version? Using online maintenance tool.

  • How can I rollback from QtCreator 4.6.0 to previous 4.5.2 using MaintenanceTool.exe on Windows? On March 28th I updated to the March 27, 2018 QtCreator 4.6.0. This week I've encountered problems/ glitchy behavior in the IDE for the first time. I simply want to rollback to previous IDE.

    Windows 10 , Qt 5.9.2
    All updates done with: \Qt-59\MaintenanceTool.exe
    Originally installed using Qt Online Installer


    Two issues I've encountered:

    1. When disabling the Google Test(none) in the Tests sidebar. Tools > Options > Testing > General > (uncheck) GTest > Apply, my 'QtTests' disappear from the sidebar tests tree instead displaying "Qt Test(none)". (Happens occasionally not always).

    2. When quickly jumping between different compiler/project configurations , it begins setting the wrong "Executable" filepath on the 'Run' screen after parsing the project. Mode Selector sidebar > Projects > Build & Run > Desktop Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2015 32bit | Run

      • Sets the Working directory: c:\qtdev\myProject\builds-src-qt.592.win32_msvc2015_kit\myProject (normal)
      • The compiler actually builds all binaries in [build/release] subdirs eg. c:\qtdev\myProject\builds-src-qt.592.win32_msvc2015_kit\myProject\Debug\myProject.exe (has always done this)
      • Automatically/incorrectly sets the executable to: c:\qtdev\myProject\builds-src-qt.592.win32_msvc2015_kit\myProject\myProject.exe
      • Project compiles. When attempting to run, the "Application Output:" window throws Executable c:\qtdev\myProject\builds-src-qt.592.win32_msvc2015_kit\myProject\myProject.exe file not found. (or similar).

    This has never been a problem I deleted all my *.pro.user files and ultimately ran git clone for a clean working copy and reproduced the error. Compilers configurations are Build & Release for:

    • Desktop Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2015 32bit
    • Desktop Qt 5.9.2 MSVC2015 64bit
    • Desktop Qt 5.9.2 MinGW 32bit

    I lost most of yesterday troubleshooting this to no avail. I had been testing a C++ memory-access problem that fails with MSVC and no other compilers ... hence jumping configurations.

  • @StevenFS

    AFAIK still no possibility to roll-back. I believe there has been a report opened on JIRA for giving at least a choice.

    However, you should be able to install an older version in parallel. At least that was reported in past time as a solution. Not sure if there might be conflicts through ini or other files.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @koahnig is right, usually it's easy to install versions in parallel. it might be needed to set up Kits by hand and I'd avoid switching Creator versions back and forth (though it might work).

    regarding your problems: please report them as regressions on


  • Thanks guys. Not what I wanted to hear but appreciate having a definitive answer. I'll give it a shot. That might be a good feature to add to the Maintenance tool, for a variety of reasons.

    I'll send out that regression report on Monday. Without being able to rollback reliably, I can't 100% isolate these bugs to the environment. However I'm >90% sure the blocker, it setting the executable to the wrong filepath, is related to the QtCreator upgrade.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    you can also add suggestions and feature requests at the bug tracker.

    and please add a link to your reports here.


  • @aha_1980 I'm sending Qt Support an overarching set of questions/problems to be sorted out on my end. I don't want to spam the mailing list until I'm more confident this is QtCreator related and not bad configurations locally. I will be sure to link any bug-reports once submitted!

  • @StevenFS

    When you have paid for a license the Qt support line is definitely a target for your questions, since you have paid.

    @aha_1980 referred to the Qt bug tracker on JIRA Sometimes it worth to check there if there is already a report. Also you may others when you are posting a proper description there. Someone in charge will rate it and comment on it. Certainly nothjing to do all the time, but it is the only place where possible bugs and suggestions are tracked and monitored.

    Over here nobody is monitoring the issues and ensuring a solution.

    When you post the report number over here, others can vote for the report and raising its importance.