after migration to 5.10 labels disappeared in 5.7 project

  • Hello,

    I changed Qt to 5.10 from 5.7.
    And all icons on labels are lost in application, but i see them in Designer.

    Can you help me t fix it, please?
    0_1522745933364_QT 5.10.jpg

    Thank you in advance

  • Qt Champions 2017

    First test.
    Make a new default GUI project.
    Place label on form.
    Run it and see if it vanishes also.

    My best guess is you just miss the icons. The labels are still there but something up with
    your qres file.

  • Hello,

    New project is working fine.
    But if i modify current one (add another label), it is also not visible.

    That can be wrong with qrc file?

    <qresource prefix="/Icons">
    <file>Resources/BlackLavel - Copy.png</file>

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Seems fine but where is the actual image files ?
    All the png files.

  • :)

    I did not updated .dll in application folder, so it was still working with 5.7 (QT5Core, QT5Widget,...).

    Strange what i did not received realtime error. :)

    It is working after update.

    Thank you.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Oh, you had old(er) Qt DLL in deployment folder ?
    Odd, you didnt crash :)

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