Attach a QProcess .exe to a Tab Widget

  • Hello, I'm trying to attach a .exe to my Qt window in a specific tab via QProcess for an example. Is this doable? Say, for example: 'C:/Program Files/GIMP 2/bin/gimp-2.8.exe'

    Here's my sample:
    alt text
    alt text

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    not as easy as you would like to.
    If the application provides an ActiveX/COM control it is possible using Qt. Otherwise not.

  • @raven-worx

    How about to attach it as a resource in C++ and launch it that way? Or perhaps simply making it dockable? Can you dock external windows?

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    Unless the app is prepared for embedding into foreign windows ( via OLE/COM/SDK)
    its often impossible to get its mainwindow to be shown inside other app and still function.

    Can I ask what is it you are trying to create ?

  • @mrjj

    Hmm, so looks like I'll need to go the SDK route then. I'm actually trying to make a functional UI for blender outside of their addon system for my own purposes. They have a very detailed SDK but I was hoping to avoid it with some hax to save me a learning curve. Time to dig in my heels.

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    Oh, a blender interface. Well its been discussed since 2006 or something.
    It has one of those interfaces if you suffer the pain, you get stockholm syndrome
    and it starts to make sense. ;)

    Since it internally uses openGl custom Widgets, its nearly impossible to replace
    on code level. The python SDK does offer tons of automation but i am doubtful if enough to make a full blown new interface.

    However, you might have something else in mind so i cant really know :)

    Never tried this, but also new interface

  • I'm using blender's backend to interact with it externally. Playing with some arduino ideas ;)

    B4artists is cool! Thanks for showing me that, I feel less triggered now

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