Qgamepad deadzone issues

  • Hi, I'm trying to use the qgamepad class for a command/control program that I'm working on. My input is a professional joystick mapped through x360ce to xinput.

    I have x360ce configured such that there is no deadzone remapping or anything, but when I access the value of gamepad->axisLeftX() for example, it has significant deadzoning around 0. Right now, it seems like this deadzone filtering is being added by qt. Does anyone know how I can remove it? I can verify through x360ce that the controller is extremely sensitive within the deadzone that I'm seeing in my qt application.

    EDIT: Upon further inspection, it looks like the deadzones are defined in this file: http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtgamepad.git/tree/src/plugins/gamepads/xinput/qxinputgamepadbackend.cpp?id=298e4e678b2fa6dc62f5a90e0b27caa954aaed66

    What is the best way to modify those values for my project?

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    @toms42 said in Qgamepad deadzone issues:

    What is the best way to modify those values for my project?

    since they are simple define macros you can't change them. They are hardcoded at compile time. You would need to recompile the module when you change those values.

    Note that the QtGamepad module is still in Technology Preview state and not meant for production. If you think you need to have these values changeable you might want to open a feature-request on the Qt bugtracker.

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