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Qt Newb question

  • I am new to C++ and Qt and I am supporting a project using it. Someone set up my Visual C++ environment with Qt. I wanted to start another test project for me to practice with C++ and Qt. Ive created a new C++ project in Visual Studio, but I have no idea how to add the Qt library to it. There is a Qt menu item at the top of Visual Studio. Anyone know how?

  • Hi There,

    Please take a good look at Qt documentation, it is very helpful.
    Also, take a good look at the wiki pages that can provide further information and codes.

    Getting started is easy. Since you have a Visual Studio, check if it is professional. If positive, check that you have a menu Qt inside your Visual Studio, it indicates that you have a new version of the Qt MSVC Add-in. Also check that you can create a Qt project (from File->New> Project..., not only C++), this is another indication of the Add-in.

    If you don't have it installed, and you have a MSVC Professional Edition, you can install it from the Qt "download":http://qt.nokia.com/downloads page. Otherwise, you can use Qt Creator, which is a very useful tool. (download through the same page).

    This forum also includes several people that were in your shoes before, so feel free to ask again and to search the forum,


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