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QGraphicsProxyWidget > Qlabel get mouseMove/Release events?

  • Hey

    I'm trying to get an event response from my QLabel that is set to be QGraphicsProxyWidget.

    In my QGraphicsView I set

    void test::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event){

    But no matter what I do, I cant get the events to show up in proxyWidget or QLabel itself. How can I forward them to the correct widget? The GraphicsView event dont match with QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent so I'm bit lost ?


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    Normally the widget that are inserted into the proxy just works.

    See this small sample

    #include <QGraphicsProxyWidget>
    #include <QGraphicsScene>
    #include <QGraphicsView>
    #include <QMessageBox>
    #include <QPushButton>
    #include <QDebug>
    int main(int argc, char** argv) {
      QApplication app(argc, argv);
      QPushButton* button = new QPushButton("CLICK ME");
      QObject::connect(button, &QPushButton::clicked, [ = ]() {
        QMessageBox::warning(0, "Hello from widget", "Im alive");
      } );
      QGraphicsScene scene;
      QGraphicsProxyWidget* proxy = scene.addWidget(button);
      QGraphicsView view(&scene);;
      return app.exec();

    alt text

    Do you put them in an qgraphicsitemgroup ?

    Also , normally a QLabel do not have any mousePressEvent override so i assume you use something like
    to make it clickable. ?

  • Hey
    Mmmm tricky. I realized I did not need to use proxyWiwdget but QGraphicsPixmapItem was sufficient. So I stayed at View level and handled it all from there for now, but I'm still puzzled.

    Say you have

    QGraphicsPixmapItem and you click on it and do mouse move. Would I like to forward the event from QGraphicsView to QGraphicsPixmapItem as that does not happen as standard? How can I do that? I think that View by default would attempt to move the item in the scene. But I don't want to do this. I just want to pass press/move/release events to the underlying item.

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    Can we talk about what goal is ?
    If you think QGraphicsPixmapItem is what you need i guess that you first
    tried to show pixmap in a QLabel.
    Since the pixmap have no methods for handling any input in not really sure
    why you try to forward events to it.

    Are you trying to make a clickable image or what is the overall goal ?
    If yes, please see this

  • The more I think of it the less I want to forward events to it actually... well maybe not. I want to have different items and then change their event behavior based on their types. So I thought I could forward it to them. Lets say I have a list view, I would like to forward mouseWheelEvent scroll to it when mouse is over the widget. Same goes for QImage/Pixmap I wanted to try some paint effect where I could paint on image in QGraphicsView so I can move it around anywhere/etc/etc.

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    If you want special items, i suggest you just create your own classes by subclassing
    QGraphicsItem. That way you can make them do whatever you like.

    Your example with ListView should work already as far as i know it can scroll with mouse3 but that needs a QGraphicsProxyWidget to function.

    As far as i know, one should use Proxy if you insert Widgets in the scene for them to fully function.

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