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Install QT with library and tools on non standard location

  • Hello,

    first post here and first time trying to compile qt and install

    I'm trying to compile qt with tools (compiler, perl, ... ) and library (png, jpeg, dbus, ...) not on standard location. all tools and libraries are provided thru module environment

    seems that setting some usual environment variable are ignored when compilling qt eg LDFLAGS, LIBRARY_PATH, LD_RUNPATH, CPPFLAGS, CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH and so on are ignored.
    Makefiles ignore it and set their onw values.

    how can I pass flags pointing to location of specific libraries, eg libpng, and so on ?
    or how can I point configure script to the specific location my libraries are located ?


  • @EricD

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    I guess you are looking for -prefix option as described in
    Configuring with the -prefix option means that the Qt binaries and libraries are installed into another directory, which is /opt/Qt5.9 in this case. Running qmake generates the Makefiles in the ~/qt-build directory and not in the source directory.

  • Well the only thing I seem to have in common with this post is the locations issue. Oh this is also my first post on this forum. and of cause I am working, still :-( my installation.

    To help you all I will now try to provide specifics, though I may fall short.

    1. my local operating system is Ubuntu 16,04 LTS,

    2. my qt installation is based on

    3. Qt5 installed in /home/oem/Qt having subdirectories of 5.10.1 and Tools.

    4. My particular files downloaded were Qt 5.10.1 Qt Creator 4.6.0-rc1 and Qt Installer Framework 3.0

    5. Going through these details I might have created my own error. I will be back to provide you an update,

    Thank you thus far!!!

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    but what's your problem? it seems you have installed Qt with the online installer, while this thread is about compiling Qt from source.

    If you have other issues, please create a new thread for them.

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