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Qt Developer Certificate destroyed

  • I got my Nokia Certificate today and instead of pride and gratification I only feel dissatisfaction and anger. The stupid postman has bent the envelope in half permanently scaring my Certificate ;( Shame on the Polish Post Office and I'm sorry to say shame on Nokia for sending the certificate in an plain white envelope without any protection. I really think that this sort of thing should have been sent with some sort of courier service or at least with deliver to hand service(not dump it in the postbox economy service).

  • My certificate was also slighltly damaged, but a lot of books left for a day on top of it helps it and it looks now like new. But I'm agreed that such things should be protected better (maybe in some plastic box).

  • Denis, Russianpost is the best:)

  • Yes my Certificate is actually under a big pile of books but there is noway that this could bring it back to its original state, the damage is just to grate. Don't get me wrong, I know that this is just a peace of paper, but I tend to be some what pedantic and was under an illusion that Nokia would pay a bit more attention to delivering it to me in the best possible condition. But knowing that I'm not the only one to have received a damaged Certificate eases the pain. Thank You Denis.

  • I'm sorry to hear that, I've had a similar problem with a TOEFL test certificate some months ago, when I asked to the institute for a certificate reposition they told me: "yes it's possible, but you must pay 25 € for a duplicate". I was very unhappy, however I've had one more chance to get the certificate in perfect state paying some extra bucks. Maybe Nokia could do the same for you.

  • Mine was also slightly damaged, but not that much. The postman had something on top of it I guess... it wasn't pleasant to see it like that either...

  • I am really sorry to hear that. The certificate should indeed be in a good state when you get it so you can proudly show it. That's part of the point.

    I will make sure to let my colleagues working on the Certification know. They can hopefully do something about it.

  • I'm leading the certification program in Qt. I'm sorry to hear this, folks! We are already working to improve this and will probably start with carton envelops. We will replace your damaged certificates, and it will be for free. Please post a request under "this link": and please include your ID (starting with "NQT") in your message. I will put you on the list of replacements as soon as we get an improvement done and you will get it in the next lot going out.

  • Well it's hardly their fault if it was just included in a plain white envelope. Probably just seemed like a letter.

  • tamhanna, at least at Russia post service will say that it is not their fault :) even if it will be seriously damaged.

  • a carton enveloper would be great. I've got my certificate bended as well

  • The cost of carton envelope can be included in the certification cost (+1..3euros)

  • Mine was damaged in the post as well. That is a pitty, but it's not a huge disaster either. I mean: is the really the kind of certificate you're going to frame and hang on your wall? It's nice to have, and to be able to put on your resume, but for that it need not be spot- or wrinkleless, IMHO.

  • well, in my company (ScienceSoft Inc., certifications are free for developers, the company pays. And then certificates can be actually put on a wall in order to impress customers :)

  • Well the thing is I was relay looking forward to getting it and it broke my hart to see it being damaged and disrespected. The good new is that I got my replacement a week or two ago :D. But the new one was very close to getting as damaged as the old one, because the postman bent the envelope yet again. The bastard didn't even bother to ring the bell(I'm lucky enough to work at home so there were no chances of me not being there).

  • I noticed this on the certificate and was quite shocked / surprised / WTFed?!

    QT Essentials?! Really?

    So, while you guys are making this certificate less prone to damage...
    Maybe fix this too? :)

  • [quote author="xsacha" date="1292160344"]I noticed this on the certificate and was quite shocked / surprised / WTFed?!

    QT Essentials?! Really?

    So, while you guys are making this certificate less prone to damage...
    Maybe fix this too? :)[/quote]

    After so many posts trying to convince people that they should write Qt instead of QT it is almost funny....

  • It was harder to explain that to people when the old logo was done using a capital T!

    ! "QT" logo)!

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