Which 3D library should I choose? QT 3D, OSG, VTK, OGRE etc...

  • I want to display a UAV 3D model in my QT application and receive UAV(roll, pitch, yaw ...) data to update the model's posture, and control it by mouse, key etc...

    I'm a beginner in 3D graphics and don't know much about OpenGL's knowledge.

    The app like this:
    or this:

    Which 3D library should I choose´╝îmore easy to study, more learning materials? For example: QT 3D, OSG, VTK, OGRE etc...

    note: (I use CPP + QT5.9.4(MSVC) + Windows7 64bit, and i plan to use pure C++, no use QML)

    Please help me, thank you very much.

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