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How can I add a kit to Qt Creator that uses my build of CLANG?

  • Hi,

    I downloaded clang/llvm from its web site and built it. It is running just fine. But, I want to run it inside an IDE (e.g. Qt), and I notice that Qt Offers "kits".

    I chose Manage Kits and added the compiler path for clang++.exe, but don't know how to fill the other fields:

    Platform codegen flags: ??
    Platform linker flags: ??
    ABI: ?? (which of the two options --- x86-windows-msvc2017-pe-64bit or x86-windows-msvc2017-pe-32bit)

    What about Debuggers? What should I add there?

    Best regards,
    Juan Dent

  • @juandent

    Hi and welcome to devnet

    kits are typically considered within Qt creator as the combination of a compiler and the Qt libraries compiled with that specific compiler. The kits are then used to compile applications using the these Qt libraries.

    You would need to compile the Qt libraries by yourself in order to use the combination as kit. The source of Qt libraries you can obtain from here. The zip-archive is meant for windows and the .tar.xz for other OSes.

    The question is if you have a specific requirement to use CLANG?
    If not, I propose to install Qt creator and a kit through the online installer. This might give you a head start when you are planning to use Qt libraries.

    For using Qt creator without a Qt-based kit, you may want to have a look to this blog and fight through this, while changing/adapting to CLANG.

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