Qt5.4 on Android N

  • We are developing Qt Application on Android N with the help of Necessitas/Ministro.When launching the Installed app ,we are getting the following issue.

    01-01 10:23:46.443 7749 7749 E linker : library "/system/plcm/bin/qt/lib/libQt5Core.so" ("/system/plcm/bin/qt/lib/libQt5Core.so") needed or dlopened by "/system/lib/libnativeloader.so" is not accessible for the namespace: [name="classloader-namespace", ld_library_paths="", default_library_paths="", permitted_paths="/data:/mnt/expand"]

    Can any one give some insight

  • @srav219

    Not sure if here users with enough experience are around.

    It might be good also to post on android-qt onGoogle.

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