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Multi-agent systems (MAS) development

  • So, I was wondering if there are around here some guys working in the MAS area. I'm just looking if Qt has some MAS based projects or frameworks, maybe similar as the Java-based JADE and LEAP (for mobiles using MIDP), for MAS development. If somebody knows something about it I would greatly appreciate let me know.


  • Well, it looks that nobody knows about MAS or is interested in, So, I think this is a gold opportunity to start some innovative thing using Qt mixed with MAS, because MAS usually is Java-based because the Java's multi-platform and interpreted language nature allows to distribute easily the applications through a network, in this case self-organized agents that perform a complex task. Thus Qt has similar skills and I think will be useful to perform something similar. Somebody is interested?

  • Hi! I was actually searching for the same matter and wanted to know if there is some way to implement multi-agent systems in QT, because I'm developing a rather big and complicated system and also want to get started with MAS so I thought I'd give MAS a try in this system but as it appears I can't do it...

  • Hello vahldnateghl,

    In despite of the fact that Qt has not a direct support to MAS you can maybe give a try.

    However you can always look at the current and mature java frameworks: JADE and JADEX to develop agents for complex systems:

    Let me know if I can help you


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