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Need help in creating an adjacency graph

  • Hi everyone,
    I need to create an adjacency graph and find the shortest path using Boost library (BGL) ! I'm a complete amateur and it's a huge challenge for me !
    Let's take this adjacency graph as an exemple
    alt text

    Let's start with these questions
    1-How can I create each node and name it ? ( A , B ,C ...)
    2-How to connect nodes with arrows or lines ?
    3-How can I give values to each line/arrow ?
    I couldn't find any tutorials related to this I wish someone helps me

  • @Codeseeker sorry but how is this related to Qt? in addition to using BGL library to solve the graph algorithms, are you planning to draw the graph?

    I couldn't find any tutorials related to this I wish someone helps me

    What about this tutorial?

  • Why Boost library?- This is a Qt forum, and of course, you can create a graph in Qt, even in plain C++ with Winapi.

    Once I created a similar project and I recommend you to think about your architecture:

    • You create a Vertex class with x,y, and ID properties; also a GraphManager class to store all the vector that you can create.

    • You create a Edge class , and also create a container to this Edges (every Edge has a first and second id to connect vertex).

    • This is answered with point number 2.

    Recommendation: Create a graph view, and create a graph manager to store all the containers that you'll need.

    This is a whole process, I think is quite big to answer it in one forum post.

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