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Cannot install Qt SDK on a drive other than C:\

  • Dear all

    When trying to install Qt SDK on a drive other than C:\ it starts the install but then hangs at 1%.
    I do not have the 9GB space on C:, hence I tried installing on a different drive, D:\ (I am running Windows 7)

    I tried both, offline and online install of Qt SDK version 1.1.2

    Is there a way to solve this?

    Thank you,

  • Please create a bugreport on jira( ) - it can be missed very easy here.

  • I think it's because of MinGW. Last time I tried it I have same problem and after searching the site I found a note that using C:\ is recommended and changing it to any other Drive will create so much trouble.
    Do NOT do it if you are not Force to do it. but if you want to do it add the MinGW path to PATH env
    for more details check "this link":

  • @sajjadG Thank you - I tried again to install, this time without the MinGW components - still the same result. The installer hangs at 1%

    @tjenssen - I will create a bug report on this. Thank you.

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