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Layout depending on loaded component

  • I have a TableView, and use a Button as delegate in one column.
    Now the row height of the TableView should be at least the height of the Button (depending on font, etc.)
    I need to set a property on the button delegate, and the only way I found how to do this was via Loader.

    Code of Delegate in file lpad_buttondelegate.qml (part of resources)

        anchors.fill: parent
        property Component thedelegate: actionButton
            id: actionButton
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            width: parent.width * 0.9
            text: buttonText

    Use of delegate in TableViewColumn:

                id: startButtonColumn
                title: Cpp.CLpad_Mls.getText("LPAD_COLUMN_START");
                movable: false
                resizable: false
                width: tableView.width * 0.15
                delegate: Loader
                    property string buttonText: "Start"
                    source: "lpad_buttondelegate.qml"

    Now I need to adjust the row height. Seems the rowDelegate is the way to go:

           rowDelegate: Rectangle
              height: 30
              // Question: How to use height of button delegate?
                 id: myPalette;
                 colorGroup: SystemPalette.Active
                 var baseColor = styleData.alternate?myPalette.alternateBase:myPalette.base
                 return styleData.selected?myPalette.highlight:baseColor

    At the moment, I have the row delegate a fixed height. But I would like to set a minimumHeight to the height of the button delegate.
    But how do I do that? I suppose, if I use Loader, I will have a fat button sitting in my rowDelegate. That's not what I need - I'd just like to 'peek' the height the button delegate has, so I can adjust the row height accordingly.

    Any ideas how to do this?

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