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SLOVED.Where define the QTDIR in visual studio?

  • It is convenient that the vs-addin set QTDIR as XXX automatic when I build a qtpro in the visual studio.
    There is a trouble that: When I set QTDIR in cmd and then I can't build a qtpro from cmd

    set QTDIR="XXXX"
    echo "QTDIR=%QTDIR%"
    devenv /build release YYY.sln

    It's reported that

    fatal error C1083: Can not open include file: 'QtCore/qglobal.h': No such file or directory

    But if I set the QTDIR from the ui of "My computer". I can build it in cmd successfully.

    1. I don't know where the QTDIR is set in the vcxproj file.Could you help me?
    2. How can I solve that problem when I build a qtpro in cmd?

    1. QTDIR is defined at vcxproj.user
    2. I should edit the vcxproj.user

  • Moderators

    IIRC in the QtAddin settings and/or at the beginning of the vcxproj-file.

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